The US has declared war on conspiracy theorists. Critical information on dealing with cancer. Release of “classified” CIA info doesn’t mean “vetted” info.

  • 00:40 The UN is at war with YOU; The UN has declared war on conspiracy theories; Conclusion vs hypothesis vs theory
  • 03:40 Cancer issues compendium; MAF; Pure Sleep sugars and cancer; Under the critical 15% level
  • 10:35 Khazarian Mafia’s narradigm is breaking down first around science and medicine
  • 14:50 Break down of law system; Commonwealth nations may have to deal with the motherWEFfers longer than US; Constitutional crises is US mid-September-October
  • 19:15 Legacy media stories will develop that bring accidental, unwanted attention to Khazarian Mafia
  • 21:10 “Leaked CIA Classified Material” is meaningless; CIA is a Khazarian Mafia organization; “Classified” doesn’t mean “vetted”
  • 23:30 Book: Tavistock Institute- Social Engineering the Masses by Daniel Estulin
  • 24:30 CIA is a religious organization
  • 25:11 Clif’s dad was given a classified 1958 35mm movie on Antarctica to show fellow officers in 1968; Bulldozers moving mountains of highly-purified coal
  • 32:10 Culture is the highest of all laws
  • 32:34 Washington State refusing to finish vote count due to Joe Kent
  • 34:34 WEFfers are extremely vulnerable to exposure; Vox Populi #20: Watching vote boxes
  • 39:30 More on cancer; MAF products

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