A proper Theory of Everything must answer “Why?” In Clif’s Continuous Creation and Destruction Model, the WHY is that novelty is valued by Consciousness.

  • 00:42 Theory of Everything; 22 Trillion times per second; Continuous Creation and Destruction (Little Bloop Theory); Einstein’s Quantum Mechanics; Eric Weinstein’s Geometric Unity
  • 04:45 As Above, So Below; Spiral of leaves, coral, crystals; Chirality – Left-hand spin of amino acids and many molecules
  • 06:00 WHY; Consciousness is everything that exists; Novelty
  • 10:15 Consciousness creates the matterium; Cathars; Trinity – Knower, Thinker, Doer
  • 17:20 Chaos – potential for serendipity/newness; Hyperspace
  • 22:38 Design pattern happened to Clif this morning
  • 24:40 Aikido
  • 26:13 Time Rules; Temporal Pressure;
  • 31:55 Novelty Potential; M=T*NP
  • 34:00 Trump Indictment; Harmonizing with the waves
  • 44:00 Novelty is the currency of hyperspace

Direct video link: https://www.bitchute.com/video/OF8GfTaw7mcD/

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4 thoughts on “20230331 – WHY WOO”
  1. Clif independently arrives at the same conclusion that Alan Watts came to 50 years ago. Amazing. This conclusion is that everything is concious and tends to get bored. Watts said if you could have anything you wished for, you would eventually come to the clnclusion that the most amazing slice of nervana you could attain would be to have yourself just as you are in your present circumstances exactly where you are now. That would be the height of euphoria for Brama or God, is to create you and the universe exactly as it is.

  2. If you can show that random, unpredictable, uncertain events happen, then that is proof that the universe is not mechanical and dumb. Randomness implies intelligence.

  3. Like your work Clif. Hegel also had a concept of the trinity- Thesis/Antithesis/Synthesis. The best exponent of the trinity and further, the quaternity is of course Jung.
    You might like my book ‘The Idea of Unity’
    ISBN 978-0-6484039-0-6
    Excerpts at http://www.arc-design.com.au

    1. I intuitively came to the same conclusion about the Universe needing novelty decades ago while deep thinking while drifting off to sleep one night except that I thought of the Universe creating life to EXPERIENCE and OBSERVE, basically what you are saying by using the term novelty. Every living thing, from the lowest to the highest forms of life is a loci of consciousness that experiences the spectrum of existence from their own unique point of view. We are created for the Universe to observe itself. I later found that it was the physicist John Wheeler who came to that conclusion, too. And you! There must be many more quiet, voiceless people who have thought the same. Knowing this, I decided to continue with my life in spite of the difficulty I was having with living. The Universe created me jot observe, so I told it that I will continue to so so because that is what it wants.

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